LED X3 Indoor displays bring rich colour, high contrast and seamless images to any space including areas where ambient light is abundant. It combines the latest design elements with elegance and style bringing a new level of sophistication to the viewing experience.

New generation LED X3 Indoor displays will:

  • Enhance your space with the vibrancy of LED technology
  • Be easily built to custom sizes due to its modular design
  • Offer a long-term, low maintenance feature for any location
  • Present completely seamless large digital video displays

The LED X3 Indoor screen commands attention. From use in retail outlets, entertainment venues and sport arenas, to architectural installations and the finance sector the LED X3 Indoor will transform and enhance.

Originating in Australia and using Australian ingenuity the LED X3 Indoor panel is fitted with a new, razor thin, inter-locking aluminium frame. Unlike other products that use box structures the precision engineering used in the X3 frames eliminates alignment issues. LED X3 Indoor Panel delivers a truly seamless screen every time the display is assembled.

Using carefully selected and sourced quality components, from concept to construction, this Australian built product is as durable as it is innovative.