LED X3 Outdoor is built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Specifically built for the Australian environment this robust system offers a complete display solution for all outdoor applications. The LED X3 Outdoor function is to combine durability with ease of assembly bringing stunning image quality and brightness necessary for outdoor presentation.

The LED X3 Outdoor, like the indoor range, is a modular system enabling construction in an endless variety of configurations. Ideally the LED X3 Outdoor is suited for events and installations such as:

  • Sporting and Entertainment venues
  • Touring music festivals
  • Motor Racing events
  • External building advertising

The durable design means you can display with confidence knowing the LED X3 Outdoor can withstand any climate and any environment.

A stunning new breed of full colour, modular outdoor panel has arrived. Recent developments in LED brightness using SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology means brilliant images and vivid colour are possible in full sunlight.

LED X3 Outdoor Panel offers superior quality largely due to:

  • SMD’s giving maximum impact to the LED X3 outdoor.
  • The intelligent and modular design bringing versatility and high performance to all outdoor applications.
  • Larger pixel pitch allowing for larger screen sizes offering a more cost effective solution to billboards and outdoor advertising.