Big. Bold. Colourful. In fact LEDX3 screens are bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. The modular totally seamless LEDX3 displays available in high, medium and low resolution.

A full range of indoor and outdoor LEDX3 screens, with cutting edge technology is the choice of displays for:

  • Retail window displays
  • Ad Banner
  • Exhibitions & Corporate
  • Television
  • Mobile displays
  • Entertainment and sports

With Estimated 100,000 hours of working life LEDX3 displays offer unrivaled value and incredible seamless image quality. This Australian made product is for sale now at a competitive price.

All LEDX3 products carry a 12 months Australian warranty


Sometimes a tight budget can prevent the investment in the purchase of LED displays, that’s when leasing or long term rental is more viable. Payments become part of advertising or the marketing budget rather than a lump sum investment. Offering substantial tax advantages and saving.

LEDX3 can assist with the best possible program for your organization.